Mandurah Wilderness & Wildlife


The water and shore birds of the Peel Inlet and Harvey Estuary attract international and local birders with easily accessible walks and bird hides.

Samphire Cove is in the heart of the city of Mandurah and is a perfect place to start your regional birdwatching adventure. Neighboring Creery Wetlands is another amazing spot to see larger shorebirds with best access from the end of Mariners Cove Drive.

The wonderful aspect of birdwatching around Mandurah and the Peel Estuary is how easy it is to get close to the numerous birds who thrive on the shellfish, worms and insects that the waterways offer up to them. Foreshores, bridges, boardwalks and hides are the vantage places, and to get even closer, simply hire a boat! When you see a run of fish attract a boiling mass of terns, silver gulls, pelicans and cormorants all feeding together, it makes for a great spectacle. You can see a wide variety of bird species all year round, but birding is especially good during November to March. In all, over 130 different species of native and migratory birds nest, breed and feed on the estuary.

The Creery Wetlands Nature Reserve is a top place to observe shorebirds such as curlews, god-wits, stilts, sandpipers, egrets, ducks, swans, ibis and herons with additional species migrating in summer - over 81 species have been recorded here. Regularly, there are nesting sea eagles to observe.

Samphire Cove features boardwalks and two bird hides from where its possible to watch shore and waterbirds. The flourishing, brightly coloured samphire plants in the area stabilise the estuary shore by absorbing nutrients and providing food and shelter for the birds, and fish and crabs. On the large expanse of exposed rocks at the canals entrance, hundreds of cormorants make their home.

Other excellent spots for birdwatching around the Peel Estuary are: Soldiers Cove, Johns St Reserve, Mandurah Quays, Len Howard Conservation Park, Riverside Gardens Reserve and Goegrup Lake, Greenfields Billabong, Island Point, Herron Point and South Yunderup.

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