Lake McLarty Nature Reserve

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Lake McLarty Nature Reserve is a 219 ha freshwater lake nature reserve and is regarded as one of the best wetlands in WA.

Its waterbird population has been estimated at 20,000 and while its excellent year round, the best time to visit is January to March.

A large lake with high water levels in winter and spring, Lake McLarty is an accessible and very popular spot for birders. Bring a spotting scope and binos, of course. Migratory waders begin arriving in December, and as the lakes waters recede in the hot summer months the shallow water makes it ideal for birding - often right until late May if the lake doesn’t dry completely.

Common species include ducks, swans, coots, grebes, terns and herons. You’re also likely to see sandpipers, dotterel, godwits and stilts and plovers. Kites, sea eagles and swamp harriers also like to patrol here!

Getting there: Lake McLarty is about 21.5km from the traffic lights at the intersection of South West Highway and Pinjarra Road.  Continue south along South West Highway for 5.5km and turn right at Old Bunbury Road.  Travel along Old Bunbury Road for 5.1km (past Paull Road) and turn right at Mills Road.  Travel for 10.9km along Mills Road almost to the end until just after you reach the sign for the Lake McLarty Nature Reserve.  Either park near the gate on the right, or go through the open gate on the left and park off the side of the sandy track.

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Location & Directions

ot 753 Mills Road, Birchmont, WA 6214 Australia