Lane Poole Reserve (Trails)

Murray Bush


Lane Poole Reserve is a nature lover’s paradise and, with its extensive network of bushwalking tracks along the Murray River, is a favourite recreation spot for West Australians.

There are four walking way-marked trails within the reserve: King Jarrah Trail, Chuditch Walk Trail, Xanthorrhoea Walk Trail and Island Pool Walk Trail.

Enjoy abundant wildlife and a diversity of ever changing landscapes. The reserve covers nearly 55,000 hectares comprising rock rimmed pools, rapids and small waterfalls, spanning out to steeply forested valley slopes and undulating woodlands.

In winter, the Murray River flows like a raging torrent. In summer it dwindles down to a gentle stream. In spring, the forest fills with Australian native wildflowers and in autumn you can hear listen to the echoing bird calls through the early morning mist.

Stay overnight in one of the many camping and recreation areas, or pack a picnic and enjoy a day trip.

The Murray River flows through the park, which boasts around 500 species of native flora including old growth forests of jarrah and marri. Both the Munda Biddi Trail and The Bibbulum Track pass through Lane Poole Reserve.

The entry station to the park is 7.5 kilometres south of Dwellingup on Nanga Road. Most roads within the park are gravel and their condition will vary depending on the weather. Maps are available online or from Dwellingup History and Visitor Information Centre.

Walk Trails and Bike Trails:  

Bibbulmun Track (Dwellingup section)

Bridle Trails

Chuditch Walktrail

Island Pool Walktrail

King Jarrah Walk

Marrinup Tour (car and walking tour)

Mountain Bike Trails

Murray Valley Circuit

Nanga Heritage Circuit

Admission Prices: $12 entry fee applies

Location & Directions

Nanga Road, Dwellingup WA 6213 Australia