The Heron Trail

Murray Water


One of a series of seven canoe trails on the Peel Region’s rivers and waterways, The Heron Trail forms part of the Serpentine River as it winds its way down from the Darling Ranges, over the Scarp, across the flood plains, pools, back waters and lakes, disappearing into the Peel Inlet.

Year round, however check local weather conditions before embarking.

Peaceful, calm water canoeing through a spectacular section of one of Peel’s great rivers, The Serpentine, where you are surrounded by nature - especially the inquisitive and photogenic herons! A tidal, all year round trail, The Heron Trail is primarily on the Serpentine River’s lower section.

On the river's banks are a mixture of she oaks, paper barks and river gums in between beaches, back waters, reserves, jetties and residences. Power boating is popular during holidays here, but not as hectic as on the Murray River. There are two familiar herons which reside along this trail.

The two-toned Grey White-faced Heron is easily seen as it stalks along the river edges yet the Rufous Night Heron, with its chestnut brown back and sides, cream belly and three white plumes from its blue black head is harder to see as it roosts during daylight in riverbank trees. Other bird life you may encounter includes whistling kites, mountain ducks, stilts, egrets, grey teal, black ducks and dolphins make regular appearances.

To undertake this trail, you should be experienced in canoeing and paddling, be able to swim confidently, always let a responsible person know of your trip plans, and keep to the right in boating channels or canals.

Admission Prices | Free

Departures | Small beach canoe-launching sites either 30m downstream of boat ram cnr Riverside Dr & Furnissdale Rd, Furnissdale, or 400m upstream of boat ramp cnr Nairn Road and Bertram St, Coondanup.

Duration | 3.5kms - 10kms undertaken singularly or combined with other canoe trails

Regional Information: Shire of Murray (08) 9531 7777 City of Mandurah (08) 9550 3777

Location & Directions

Serpentine River, Peel Regional Park, Furnissdale WA 6209 Australia