The Spoonbill Trail

Mandurah Water


One of a series of seven canoe trails on the Peel Region’s beautiful rivers and waterways, The Spoonbill Trail begins at Greenfields and can only be navigated after good rains.

The birdlife you may see on this trail includes ospreys, sea eagles, pelicans, herons and ducks.

This trail, named after the frequently sighted Yellow-billed Spoonbill, is tidal and algae may be present, therefore canoe only in winter and spring after good rains.
The shallow lakes appeal to canoeists who like a remote and easily accessed trail.

Samphire flats, low bush, trees, narrow linkages between the lakes also give the paddler an exploratory feeling.

This trail is known for the Yellow-billed spoonbills who constantly move their heads from side to side as they feed, seeming to vacuuming the shallow fringes and beds as they filter and consume water insects, crustaceans and fish.
To undertake this trail, you should be experienced in canoeing and paddling, be able to swim confidently, always let a responsible person know of your trip plans, and keep to the right in boating channels or canals.

Note that waterways upstream from Riverside Gardens are shallow and suitable for canoeing in Winter or Spring after good rains.
Admission Prices | Free
Departures | Small beach canoe-launching site with car park 100m from Riverside Gardens Boat Ramp, Wanda Rd, Greenfields.
Duration | Approx 12 kms return. Regional Information: Shire of Murray (08) 9531 7777 City of Mandurah (08) 9550 3777

Location & Directions

Riverside Gardens, Wanda Road, Greenfields, WA 6210 Australia